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Innovative Visual Solutions

We design everything we produce.

Design & Engineering

Dynamic Display Systems

Optec’s innovative display solutions are brilliantly designed and engineered. Our LED displays are not only visually compelling, they are intelligent, flexible, and efficient. We incorporate cutting-edge LED technology, materials, and functionality into every display we deliver.

Our display solutions are dynamic systems in which each piece is designed to work in synergy: LEDs, cabinet and components, and software unite to enhance capability. Each display is designed and built to fit our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Pixel Perfect

It starts with only the finest LEDs.

LED Technology


LED stands for light emitting diode. The grade and bin of LEDs are not all the same. Optec selects only top quality diodes in terms of lumen, color, and efficiency. As the essential starting point in the design and engineering of all our displays, the LED bins we select and deliver are from the finest diode manufacturers in the world.

Optec’s LED display products are calibrated and tested with specialized tools, by our highly-qualified engineers, to maximize visual performance and efficiency.

Inside and Out

We design for environments and engineer for sustainability.

Cabinets & Components

Precision and Reliability

When developing a cabinet and selecting components, Optec evaluates several important aspects: the most beneficial size, material quality and treatment, and how they combine to create the most reliable, straightforward, and efficient display products.

We design to integrate into a variety of environments, and with current and future aesthetic trends in mind. That is why our products feature a clean, minimalist design without sacrificing functionality.


Engineering Sustainability

At Optec our engineers work to maximize efficiency and increase sustainability. Our products are “green” by lessening power loss and lowering energy consumption. We also utilize greener materials to create environmentally safer products. For individual product and project energy information, consult your Optec dealer or sales consultant.


FCC Compliance

Optec fully supports the position that all providers of LED signs meet or exceed industry standards for safety and use. All Optec display solutions meet or exceed industry standards, and carry the appropriate certifications, including FCC Title 47, Part 15 compliance and verification. For individual product and certification information, consult your Optec dealer or sales consultant.

Your Display, Your Way.

Powerful software for creating and delivering messages.


PC & Cloud-Based Solutions

Optec engineers software applications that feature innovative tools for creating, editing, and scheduling dynamic visual content. We develop intuitive programs designed to enable users to deliver engaging content experiences through their LED display.

Optec’s cloud-based M.E. Cloud software has been designed with the single user in mind. A multi-phase development plan was implemented blending the DNET multi-user interface experience with new online content creation features similar to M.E. Pro+. The result: M.E. Cloud.

Our Story

Over 35 years of LED innovation.

1985 – Today


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